About us

When Solomon Breweries opened its doors in 1993 it becomes Solomon Islands’ first brewery. 

A brewer of quality beers and a range of premix beverages, Solomon Breweries today, is part of global brewer HEINEKEN.


Our Beer

Our beers are produced using select quality ingredients and an international standardised brewing process that delivers high quality, refreshing beers perfectly suited for the tropics.


Solbrew Lager new image is unveiled and Canoe Blue light beer is first introduced to the market.



Solomon Breweries celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary. Tiger launched to the market

Solbrew Lager & SB’s new look was unveiled and Canoe Lager was introduced to the market

Solomon Breweries expands it’s brewery


Heineken launched to the market

Heineken gains control of APB

Acquired by Asia Pacific Breweries

Solomon Breweries Limited launched by a partnership between Brauhasse, Nauru Phosphate and local shareholders. Brands launched, Eku, SB and later Solbrew Lager.

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