Solbrew Lager

Established in 1993 SolBrew Lager has since become an iconic local premium brand. SolBrew Lager is light bodied, crisp beer with a smooth finish. Chilled, it is the perfect ‘accompaniment’ to the tropical Solomons’ climate. Today SolBrew Lager embodies quality and standards in beer for Solomon Islands.


Quality Award from Monde Selection
2016 (silver) /2017 (silver) /2018 (gold)

Ingredient Information

Water, hop, malted barley, sugar.

Nutrition Information (per 100ml)*

ABV %5
Energy kJ/100mL56.2 KJ
13.4 kcal
Protein g/100mL<0.5
Fat g/100mL<0.2
Saturates g/100mL<0.1
Carbohydrate g/100mL2.7g
Sugar g/100mL<0.1
Sodium mg/100mL9.1mg


*This nutrition data only available for 4.7% Solbrew Larger. New 5% Solbrew Larger nutrition data will be updated soon.

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